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  • About Glide Studio Glide Studio is a music production company based in Leeds, UK offering professional online mixing/mastering services and studio recording. We know what it will take to get your music sounding great! Our showreel
  • Competitive prices Mixing - £80 per track / Mastering - £30 per track/ Recording £120 a day. Deals available depending on the project. Get in touch for a quote! Contact us / rates
  • Give your music a new lease of life! Our online services mean we can mix or master your tracks wherever you are in the world. Send us your music, tell us how you want it to sound and we'll get to work. It's really that simple! Online Mixing
  • Experience The studio is run by two experienced producers who fully appreciate the importance of creating a friendly atmosphere to get the best results from our clients. Don't hesitate to give us a shout if you want to ask about a project. Recording services

Online Mixing Services

So you've recorded or produced your own music but can't get the mixes sounding the way you want them to?

We've got extensive experience in mixing all kinds of music and know how to give your tracks the impact they deserve. We'll discuss your project in detail so we understand how you want your music to sound. Tell me more.

Online Mastering Services

Has your music been mixed but needs to be taken to that next level sonically? That's where mastering comes in.

Mastering is the crucial final stage of production before you send your songs out into the world. It gives music that final 'finished' sheen that makes them stand up against other professional releases. Tell me more.

Music Recording Services

Glide is based in Hyde Park, Leeds and offers professional recording services with great gear and expertise.

We're able to record your project from scratch with an approach that works for you. Good music isn't made in stressful conditions so we try to create the right atmosphere to get you performing at your best. Tell me more.

Leeds Recording Studio Updates

Change is in the air

Change is in the air

Posted by Andrew on April 25, 2017

After a few years in a 'cosy' recording set-up we finally decided that it was time for a bit more space and have moved to a new, bigger location. Read full update

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