Studio Recording Services

Glide studio aims to provide a range of professional recording services and high end audio equipment to match. We want to offer affordable rates without compromising on quality. The studio is run by two producers who fully appreciate the importance of creating a friendly atmosphere to get the best results from their clients.


  • Experienced producers

    Experienced producers

    We've recorded a huge range of artists and understand that different projects require a different process. That's why before we hit record, we'll try to understand your music as much as possible. We'll listen to your old recordings, demos and artists that have influenced you. We'll discuss the general sound you're after as well as go into specifics so we can prepare the session in advance.

  • Location recording

    Location recording

    Need something recorded that can't be done in the studio? Maybe a church choir or grand piano? Our studio setup is mobile so we can record at any location. Get in touch to discuss the project and get a quote.

  • How we charge

    How we charge

    Recording sessions are charged by the day with working hours usually being 11 – 7 but this is flexible. It's more important to us that we do the best work possible and sessions aren't spent clock-watching.



Adam A7, Alesis MK11


Focusrite Saffire Pro-40 Interface, Behringer ADA-800 Ultragain Pro, Focusrite ISA 220 preamp/EQ/Compressor, M Audio Profire 26/26 Interface, FMR RNLA compressor


Logic Pro X, Pro-tools LE, A large suite of high end plugins featuring hundreds of effects, channel components and analogue mixing tools, Metasynth, Colossus sample libraries, East West Gold and Silver sample libraries


AKG D112, AKG C214 x 2, Beyerdynamic M160, Rhode NT5 x 2, Samson C01 x 2, Samson C02H, Shure SM57 x 3, Shure SM7B, SE 2200, SE 4400a x 2


Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage 5 piece drum kit with Zildjian cymbals including hi hat, crash, ride and china. Mapex Black Panther 'The Blaster' 13x7 Maple Snare. Weighted full size electric piano

Access to a large collection of instruments and amps. Let us know in advance if there is anything you especially require.

Rates and contact

£120 for a day of recording. A working day is 11 – 7 but this is flexible.