New recordings with some great bands

Posted by Andrew on September 23, 2015

Right then, since the launch of our new website we’ve been pretty busy. Here’s a little look at some of the projects we’ve enjoyed working on over the last few months. 

Fast, heavy and some soul-infused electronica

We recorded and mixed a 12″ record for Leeds based Grindcore band Famine. These guys write intense and savage music that is also packed with hooks. Catch them on tour with the equally brilliant Full Of Hell this month.

The second slab of heaviness to come across our desk recently was for Metalcore group Eulogy. Their combination of savage riffery with expansive arrangements made this a joy to master. The 12” ’Eternal Worth’ will be released on Holy Roar Records on 6/11/15.


On a slightly quieter note we also recently mastered some Soul-infused Electronica for London based Singer Alxndr London. ‘Date X’ is the first in a line of upcoming singles from him which we’ve also been working on. ‘Date X’ sees him in a more dance oriented mood but future tracks are looking very diverse. Stay tuned to hear what he’s got in store.

We’re currently in the midst of some other exciting projects, so keep your eyes on our Twitter and Facebook page for regular updates. Give us a shout if you want to discuss a project!

Posted by Andrew