Online Mastering

Once your music has been mixed then the final stage before release is the mastering process. Online mastering means once you send us the appropriate audio files, we can give your music the professional treatment it deserves without you being here in person.

About Mastering

  • What is Mastering?

    What is Mastering?

    Mastering is about processing your finished mix so it stands up against professional releases both in terms of sonic quality and loudness, which is more important than ever in this digital age of Spotify and playlists. Mastering will ensure that your music sounds good on all kinds of systems, whether it's your pumping car stereo or an iPod.

  • The Mastering Process:

    The Mastering Process:

    Mastering gives you a fresh perspective. Are your mixes too bright? Are they too dull? Do they lack bass? How do they compare to your reference material? These are the kind of things we will think about when listening to your mixes. After establishing a range of objectives each song is carefully sculpted and processed to achieve its full sonic potential using a range of processes and effects such as EQ, compression, multi-band compression, reverb and limiting.

  • Giving your tracks consistency

    Giving your tracks consistency

    Mastering will add consistency across a number of different mixes to make them sound like part of a cohesive whole. Your mixes may peak at different levels and have varying tonal balances. We can address these issues so that your songs sound like a unified body of work.

  • Single file, or stem mastering?

    Single file, or stem mastering?

    In most cases a mastering engineer will simply require a single stereo audio file to master. An alternative to this approach is stem mastering. Stem mastering means sending over multiple audio files which when played together add up to your exact, final mix. This approach allows us to have more control over the various elements in your mix. If you're not sure if stem mastering is right for you then get in touch and we'll happily give you some guidance.

The Process

  • Get in touch

    Get in touch

    Send us an email letting us know the details of your project. We’ll quickly get back to you and discuss your music, time scale, costs and technical details. There’s no obligation to go ahead at this stage.

  • Send us files, make payment

    Send us files, make payment

    If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll process your payment via Paypal and let you know how to get the audio to us. Dropbox being the preferred method but other arrangements can be made.

  • We Master

    We Master

    Once we understand what your music needs, we'll get to work and send you the results for you to hear within the estimated time frame.

  • Revisions


    The most important thing is making sure you're happy with the results. Once you've heard our work and got back to us we'll implement any revisions at no extra cost.

Rates and contact

£30 per track but discounts are available for multiple songs, so get in touch for a quote.