Online Mixing

If you've already recorded or produced your material but need it mixed then we can help you. Online mixing means once you send us the appropriate audio files, we can give your music the professional treatment it deserves without you being here in person.

About Mixing

  • So, what is Mixing?

    So, what is Mixing?

    Mixing is the second stage in the production process after your music has been recorded. It is the process of blending (mixing) all the audio components of your song together to create a final version that sounds fantastic and has a distinctive sonic character. If your Hardcore band needs to sound intense and trashy then that's no problem. If your pop band needs to sound slick and pristine then great. We know how to achieve the aesthetic you're after. Just let us know!

  • The Mixing Process

    The Mixing Process

    We’ve mixed everything from live Jazz to blistering Grindcore and appreciate that the mixing process should be informed by the type of project. We will critically listen to your audio and think about what technical processes are required to bring out the best in your songs and bring them closer towards your artistic sensibilities. Below we've detailed some of the processes involved:

  • EQ


    EQ will give your music a distinctive sonic character, whether you want big abrasive guitars, full warm bass or beautiful crisp vocals for example. EQ is at the heart of professional sounding mixes, and will give your songs the separation and clarity they deserve. It will also clear up your recordings and can be used to address unwanted qualities your audio may have.

  • Compression


    Compression will shape the dynamics of your track and mould the sound of each component in your mix. Need more punch in your drums or a smooth thick vocal sound? That's dealt with at the compression stage. Compression can also add much needed ‘dynamic movement’ to your songs, which can bring them to life and give them a sense of energy and vitality.

  • Effects


    We also use countless other effects and processes to shape the sonic identity of your songs. Crucially reverb adds the much needed sense of 'space' and 'depth' to your music that is often lacking in self recorded/produced material. Other important processing includes use of delays, distortion, modulation effects and drum triggering which allow us to achieve a massive range of sounds.

What do I have to do?

  • Get in touch

    Get in touch

    Send us an email letting us know the details of your project. We’ll quickly get back to you and discuss your music, time scale, costs and technical details. There’s no obligation to go ahead at this stage.

  • Send files, make payment

    Send files, make payment

    If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll process your payment via Paypal and let you know how to get the audio to us. Dropbox being the preferred method but other arrangements can be made.

  • We mix

    We mix

    Once we understand what you want your mixes to sound like, we'll get to work and send you the results for you to hear within the estimated time frame.

  • Revisions


    The most important thing is making sure you're happy with the results. Once you've heard our work and got back to us we'll implement any revisions at no extra cost.

Rates and contact

£80 per song but this is subject to change depending on the size of the project. A three minute pop song might not take as long to mix as a fifteen minute prog epic!